English Channel Ferries

english-channel Going away in Europe and heading from England can be hard to do. But one of the easiest and nicest ways is to go by ferry. In this way you can see the tranquility of the nature and the nice sceneries that Europe has to offer. The ferry is cheap and it consumes less time than other options like flying or travelling with the car.

There are a lot of ferries that go from France to England and Ireland. One great advantage of this is that you can freely move around from one destination to another and avoid renting cars. The Brittany Ferries services offers this type of service from France to England. The great advantage is that there is a wide range of accommodation options and you can really live in luxury. You can dine and entertain yourself a lot.

The Norfolkline ferries give you a wide range of services from England to France and also Ireland. The routes include the Dover-Dunkirk, the Liverpool-Belfast and Liverpool-Dublin. On board you can find shops, bars and a lot of arcade games.

The P&O Ferries are going all across the English Channel and get to France, Ireland, Holland and also Spain. They go from many locations like Hull, Dover and also Portsmouth. P&O Ferries can offer tourists a huge range of packages specially made for a great European holiday. You can have skiing adventures, a lot of shopping trips, and many mini cruises.

Also the renowned Condor Ferries will allow you to sail across the English Channel to France. You can leave from ports like Portsmouth and Poole. They can carry about 500 people. Their average speed is 38 knots, 2 times faster than the conventional ferries.

Red Funnel is also in this business for 150 years and takes you from Southampton to West Cowes. Their ferry can travel up to 40 knots.

Photo credit: Mike Cattell on Flickr

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